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Sherlock Holmes rewritten in an attractive & exciting style. The story presentation is similar to Geronimo Stilton, with phrases highlighted in different fonts and colours. A great series for readers who love a good detective story. Suitable for upper primary and lower secondary.

Product Code: 9787556410255 Date Published: 01 June 2016 Publisher: 湖北教育出版社 Series: 大侦探福尔摩斯.23 Age: 10 & above

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女明星劳伦斯在回家路上与马车夫一 起连人带车坠崖身亡。坠崖现场发现一块染有颜料的碎布和一块可疑的帆布。与她共事的电影监制、导演、编剧、男主角与女配角等,因种种原因都各有杀人动机。究竟是交通意外,还是血腥谋杀? 原来"电影"本身就隐藏着致命的线索!