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经典少年游-人物传记-009 唐玄宗李隆基-盛唐转衰的关键(拼音)

An excellent series which introduces famous Chinese rulers.This book focuses on Emperor Xuanzong of Tang, whose rule ended in a rebellion which marked the beginning of the decline of the Tang dynasty.

Product Code: 9787511013057 Date Published: 01 August 2013 Publisher: 海豚 Series: 经典少年游-人物传记-009 Age: 10 & above

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《经典少年游 - 人物传记丛书》系列,是一套适合小学生与中学生阅读的历史故事书,是个帮助解读经典的读物。此系列通过“绘本”与“读本”两个形式相结合,向孩子们生动有趣且系统全面地讲述了一件件关于中国古代著名皇帝或离奇、或励志、或伤感、或无奈的历史故事。