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我会飞 I can fly

Why is it that humans can't fly but birds make it look so free and natural? Have you thought of any ways to make yourself fly? Maybe by growing a pair of wings? Or maybe by taking a ride on a cloud? Or maybe with the help of a jetpack? Lily's Wonderland Series comprises 20 books. Each book with an interesting story to tell about school life or the topic learnt at school. The books are written in simple languages and have colourful pictures, which help readers to understand the story. Some exercises are provided by the end of each book to reinforce the learning. The series is suitable for young readers under the age of 15. A CD-rom is included for each book. In simplified Chinese characters and pinyin with a one page English translation at the end of the book.

Product Code: 9787301189726 Date Published: 01 June 2011 Publisher: 北京大学出版社 Series: 中文故事绘。丽丽的幻想世界 Age: 4-6 years

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为什么人不会飞,而小鸟就飞得这样自由自在?你想过用什么办法使自己飞起来吗?在背上插上一对翅膀,坐在云彩上,还是把一个轻巧的喷射器背在身上……《我会飞》讲述了丽丽幻想自己在空中飞翔的故事。 中文故事绘,读故事,看绘本,学中文。“丽丽的幻想世界”通过生动的绘本小故事,集中展示了可爱小女孩丽丽的生活幻想。整套书文字浅显,情节有趣,绘画精美,充满了童真童趣。不仅如此,灵活地运用绘本中设计的汉语拼音、八个漫画、提问线索以及词语卡片四种元素,孩子们的语言表达能力也就在潜移默化中提高了。另有外籍人士专门撰写了英文版故事。整套书既适合国外儿童课外阅读,也可作为本地儿童的学前读物。