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小豆豆图话书(全6册) LCWF Readers for Little Ones (Series 1)

Suitable for children aged 0 to 3, there is a total of 6 picture books in LCWF Readers for Little Ones. The layout and words are carefully selected to ensure that they are in accordance to the language development of children aged 0 – 3. With vivid illustrations and exposure to repetitive words and sentences, this series helps to spark children’s interest in reading and enhance their reading and speaking abilities. Audio clips are available to support teachers in their delivery of lessons.
There is also a series 2 - LCWF Readers for Little Ones (Series 2).

Product Code: 9789814826778SET Date Published: 01 August 2018 Publisher: 名创教育 Series: LCWF Readers for Little Ones 小豆豆图话书系列 Age: 0-3 years


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《乐中学 · 小豆豆图话书》系列有6本图书,适合 0-3岁的婴幼儿阅读。故事中语言的运用和内容的编排,都考虑了该年龄段婴幼儿的语言发展水平,通过重复的语句和生动的绘图,激发婴幼儿的阅读兴趣。本套图书为教师免费提供故事录音,方便教师教学。本套图书分为,《早安》、《穿衣服》、《洗澡》、《睡午觉》、《夜晚》以及《洗头》。