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十月 October

Highly popular series of novels by Malaysian authors. Suitable for primary school advanced readers, & secondary school students.

Product Code: 9789833738410 Date Published: 01 September 2007 Publisher: 红蜻蜓出版有限公司 Series: 少年长篇小说精选 .03 Age: 10 & above

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"Shi Yue", a story about Shi Yue and his mother, is Khor Ewe Pin's second novel. At the beginning of the novel, Shi Yue's mother had passed away when Shi Yue was barely 15. He lived with his uncle, together with his good-hearted aunt, an antagonistic cousin brother, and a lovely cousin sister.

His mother left him several letters which were put in different places. Shi Yue had to complete task that was given by his mother in the first letter before he could proceed to open the next. What are the tasks that his mother had left for him? Can he fulfill all her wishes? All are slowly revealed in the book.

Shi Yue found out that his mother whom had raised him for 15 years may not be his biological mother after all. He was devastated! To him, his mother maybe gone, but she still lives in his heart. If she is not his natural mother, the mother in his heart was lost as well. This thought made him even more sad. Has he got another natural mother? The answer is in the book.

Readers are guided to discover a mother's love through words. A mother's love cannot be shown in a few words, but it can be portrayed through a story. A mother is not a saint, she makes mistakes too, but, a mother's love is the noblest. The story of ten thousand words showed how deep a mother's love is. No matter how many secrets she has or how many mistakes she had made, a mother will always be a mother. A story will end, a mother will grow old, but her loves will never stop.