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夜晚 Peep Inside Night Time

A charming, simple and beautifully illustrated lift-the-flap book for little children. Little fingers can lift the flaps in scenes of dark, quiet, sleepy night-time... and reveal the busy activity beneath. Scenes include owls, foxes and mice looking for food, bakers making bread for the morning and a sleeper train travelling through the night. A lovely introduction to the nocturnal world, perfect for sharing with little ones at bed time.

Product Code: 9787544857154 Date Published: 01 December 2018 Publisher: 接力出版社 Series: 尤斯伯恩偷偷看里面 Age: 0-3 years

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《夜晚》这本书,通过有趣的问题:谁在黑夜已经香喷喷地入睡了?谁还在醒着忙忙碌碌?……带孩子们了解神秘的夜晚,看一看黑夜中我们生活的世界的样子。 本系列有12个主题,内容涵盖了大自然和人类生活中丰富有趣的知识,为1—4岁的宝宝认识世界开启了一扇智慧之窗。这套书集科普性、故事性、艺术性、文学性于一体,将启蒙认知的功能和绘本的趣味完美结合。生动活泼的图画风格与朗朗上口的童谣式语言,还能激发孩子的阅读兴趣,促进语言发展。镂空、洞洞和翻翻页工艺,在满足宝宝生理发展的同时,打造出捉迷藏游戏一样的效果,不断激发孩子探索的欲望。