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欢乐成语.小学版 3 Happy Idioms 3 (Primary)

Let Old Master Q interests you in picking up Chinese idioms, which can be a boon in writing, especially when you use them aptly, and sometimes creatively. With a total of 6 books in the series (3 for Primary, 3 for Secondary), each comprising a collection of 100 carefully curated Chinese idioms, that’s a total of 600 idioms with witty depictions to tickle your funny bone!

Product Code: 9789813165427 Date Published: 01 August 2018 Publisher: 名创教育 Series: 欢乐成语 Age: 7-9 years

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欣赏漫画 • 学习成语 体会生活 • 提升写作 让华文成为生活语言,超越课堂运用! • 本系列每本共有100条华文课本里及生活中的常用成语 • 漫画内容生活化,容易引起学生共鸣,方便加强对成语的理解和应用 • 每则漫画都讲述了小人物的故事,通过人物的喜怒哀乐,学生可观察和体会生活,积累写作素材,并提高思考和写作能力