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A fun series where you will enter a fantasy world and meet interesting characters and creatures. Travel in a train that is made of bread in 《快乐面包王国》, or take a concoction and be transformed in 《呀,怎么变回来》, or enter the world of jigsaw puzzles in 《拼图王国》…

Product Code: 9787121268946 Date Published: 01 October 2015 Publisher: 电子工业出版社 Series: 深见春夫“想得美”图画书系列 Age: 4-6 years

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碟子里,还剩下一串丸子。一个丸子开口说:“趁着还没被吃掉,我们出去玩吧!” 于是,丸子兄弟们一起出去玩了。他们来到公园,玩起了滑梯,还跟小朋友们捉迷藏。正高兴的时候,来了一个大福妖怪,把丸子兄弟和小朋友啊呜一口全吞下。哎呀呀,怎么办?丸子兄弟能想出好办法脱险吗?