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#BuySingLit : Singapore Picture Book Carnival
29 Dec 2018

Join us for a meaningful afternoon – authors’ talk, storytelling, art & craft, featuring: A Guo (Lee Kow Fong), Colin Goh, Josef Lee, Patrick Yee, Quek Hong Shin, Tan Shih Ray, and a wide range of books by local authors.

跟我们一起度过一个有意义的下午 - 作家演讲、讲故事活动,及手工活动。参与作家: 阿果(李高丰) 吴荣平 李文良 余广达 郭宏驯 陈琦蕊 及许多本地儿童书籍。

Registration is $10 per session, fully redeemable for books. 


《我的守护熊》1pm-2pm | Venue : #04-37 Bras Basah Complex | $10 per person or per pair (child+adult)

Josef Lee will be sharing with children, parents & educators from his latest book - a beautifully illustrated picture book about trust, companionship, listening & acceptance. Children & adults alike will be touched by the story and perhaps, gain a deeper understanding of themselves & the needs of people around them.

作者李文良将带着他的最新绘本《我的守护熊》,与你进行一场故事分享会。在孩子的成长过程中,是否有一只“守护熊”陪伴着他呢?透过分享,让大人们了解孩子需要陪伴的重要性;孩子们听完故事后,也能理解在友情的陪伴下,将会逐渐成长,成为更好的自己Register here Josef Lee 我的守护熊 Storytelling


 《小小点心侠:给我一个名字》1pm-2pm | Venue : #03-11 Bras Basah Complex | for 4-8 yrs old | $10 per parent-child
Colin Goh will be sharing from his latest picture book <Give Me a Name> and children will have a chance to create their favorite Dim Sum! Children that love to draw must not miss this session!  Register here
在这场活动,点心侠 Dim Sum Warrior 作者吴荣恩将跟小朋友分享他的最新作品《给我一个名字》。听完故事,小朋友们可以创作自己的点心,还有机会请吴叔叔创作他们喜爱的点心呢!

Colin Goh Dim Sum Warrior 


《布布鼻子不见了》2.30pm-3.30pm | Venue : #04-37 Bras Basah Complex | for 4-8 yrs old | $10 per parent-child
Children's favorite author 阿果叔叔 will share with us from his popular picture book《布布鼻子不见了》and children will have a hand in helping to find the missing nose!  Register here


《会说话的肥猫》4pm-5pm | Venue : #04-37 Bras Basah Complex | for 5-8 yrs old | $10 per parent-child
Patrick Yee will share with us a story about a magical fat cat that talks and will lead the children in a fun art & craft session! Children will bring home a piece of artwork at the end of the session.   Register here


《奇妙的纱笼》5pm-6pm | Venue : #03-11 Bras Basah Complex | for 4-8 yrs old | $10 per parent-child
What can you do with a piece of sarong? Let Hong Shin tell you and bring you on an adventure with his magical sarong! <The Amazing Sarong> has been shortlisted for "Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book Award 2018" & "Best Children's Title for Singapore Book Awards 2016". Register here
年轻作家郭宏驯的《奇妙的纱笼》被提名 Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book Award 2018 及 Best Children's Title for Singapore Book Awards 2016. 在这场讲座,他除了跟小朋友们讲故事,还会带着他的魔术纱笼和小朋友们玩游戏哦!

Quek Hong Shun The Amazing Sarong 郭宏驯 奇妙纱笼