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A very creative series that helps readers to relate and recognise Chinese radicals. Each book introduces one radical(偏旁)and on each page, a character formed with the radical will appear in the story.

Product Code: 9787303109760 Date Published: 01 January 2011 Publisher: 北京师范大学 Series: 快乐识字童话绘本。第一辑 Age: 7-9 years

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独具匠心的设计:每个故事以一个偏旁部首为线索,吸纳该偏旁的相关汉字,编写成精彩纷呈的童话故事。故事富含创造力、想象力和幽默感, 孩子们在自然的阅读中可以积累丰富的词汇、同时了解汉字的造字规律。 本篇童话选用偏旁部首:口 共出现以下20个口旁汉字:吃 叫 叶 味 响 听 嚷 吗 吹 叹 哪 吟 吸 吐 呀 啼 哄 呼 喂 呵