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别担心, 太阳鸟!(拼音)Follow that bird!

The first book in the 爱丽肚肚 (Ellie Belly) series. 爱丽肚肚 is a girl who is able to understand what animals are saying. One day, she heard a sunbird's cries for help in class, and to help, she has to get away unnoticed. Pinyin included.

Product Code: 9789811100000 Date Published: 01 January 2016 Publisher: Bubbly Books Series: 爱丽肚肚 1 Age: 10 & above

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我是爱丽肚肚。 我今年七岁,就读1J班。我最好的朋友是家美。 我很喜欢趁老师不注意的时候涂涂画画。还有,我有一 个天大的秘密,就是—我可以听得懂动物们说话!真的,不骗你!有一天,我听到了一阵求救的声音。原来,是一只太阳鸟。它碰到了一个大麻烦!我得帮帮这只太阳鸟!但 是,我得先想办法溜出教室, 不让老师和讨人厌的美恩发现!