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躲猫猫(拼音)Cat's out of the bag

The second book in the 爱丽肚肚 (Ellie Belly) series. This time, she found a lost cat in school and wanted to help it find its mother, but she has to do it without getting caught by anyone.

Product Code: 9789811100017 Date Published: 01 January 2016 Publisher: Bubbly Books Series: 爱丽肚肚 2 Age: 10 & above

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我是爱丽肚肚。我和家美上课的时候不在教室 里,结果被校长抓到了。但是 我们可不是在玩躲猫猫哦!其实啊,我们找到了一只小猫咪。小猫咪对我说:“我迷路了!你可以帮我找妈妈吗?”没错,它真的 这样对我说,因为我听得懂动物们说的话哦!我和家美得想办法帮帮可怜的小猫咪,同时,也得想 办法阻止多嘴的美恩去跟老师打小报告……