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小乌龟搬家(拼音)Turtle Trouble

Ellie and her classmates visit the Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum. But an accident happens and Cammy is MAD at her! How will she help the turtles who are ALL in trouble?

Product Code: 9789811100024 Date Published: 01 July 2016 Publisher: Bubbly Books Series: 爱丽肚肚 3 Age: 10 & above

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我今年七岁,就读1J班。我最好的朋友是家美。我很喜欢趁老师不注意的时候涂涂画画。还有,我有一 个天大的秘密,就是—我可以听得懂动物们说话!真的,不骗你!