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A very creative series that helps readers to relate and recognise Chinese radicals. Each book introduces one radical(偏旁)and on each page, a character formed with the radical will appear in th story. This series “精灵篇” has no hanyu pinyin.

Product Code: 9787303162970 Date Published: 01 August 2014 Publisher: 北京师范大学 Series: 快乐识字童话绘本.精灵篇 Age: 7-9 years

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《海马爸爸的新产房》讲述水手的红雨靴掉到海底,它的臭味熏得海底小动物们都晕了过去。螃蟹还有清洁鱼把红雨靴清洁干净了。大肚子的海马爸爸终于找到了可以生宝宝的产房。海马爸爸怎么会生小海马呢?“快乐学”解答了海马的特点。 《海马爸爸的新产房》选用偏旁部首:忄 共出现以下20个忄旁汉字:惯 惨 慢 怪 怕 快 悔 慌 怀 情 忆 懒 忧 惊 恰 忙 悄 惧 懊 恨