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A very popular series with students and schools. Each book has an interesting storyline and lots of 好词好句 which readers can pick up and use them in their composition writing.

Product Code: 9787551100724 Date Published: 01 June 2011 Publisher: 花山文艺 Series: 美德易拉罐.15 Age: 10 & above

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妈妈从同事那儿抱了一只小狗——Money回来养。一天,Money忽然上吐下泻,送到动物医院,医生说Money被病毒感染,情况很严重,可能熬不过当天晚上。家人听了,都很难过,担心Money再也不能回家。Money真的熬不过当天晚上吗 它最后有没有回家呢