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2047年——瞎了眼的灯塔 The Dark Lighthouse

Highly popular series of novels by Malaysian authors. Suitable for primary school advanced readers, & secondary school students.

Product Code: 9789670564753 Date Published: 23 February 2016 Publisher: 红蜻蜓出版有限公司 Series: 少年长篇小说精选 .77 Age: 10 & above

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It had been a year since Feng Qi left his home and stayed at the extraordinary paradise with Hai Kuo and Princess Yu Mei. They stand on their own two feet and earn their living through performance. They lead a happy and stable life. Feng Qi think that the extraordinary paradise was the ideal homeland for him as Dr. Jing Ben already died and Hai Kuo also turned over a new leaf. However, he did not know that he is blinded by the false impression.

Dr. Jing Ben, who became the wanted person, had been hiding himself. He plans to revenge and rebuild his kingdom. He did harmful things to other people for his own bene ts. Hai Kuo hopes to receive recognition from Dr. Jing Ben. He worked for Dr. Jing Ben with all his heart. He sees Dr. Jing Ben as the lighthouse that showing the direction but he is always reprimanded by Dr. Jing Ben. Besides, he tried his best to please Prince Yu Mei but she only treated Feng Qi better. He followed Dr. Jing Ben’s instruction to create misunderstandings between Feng Qi and Princess Yu Mei. He even tried to harm Feng Qi.

While Fei Qi discovered the secret of Dr. Jing Ben was still alive, he was struggling in the bottom of his heart. He is unwilling to leave the extraordinary paradise. However, Dr. Jing Ben is just akin to a delayed action bomb, which might explode anytime and put them in danger......