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This series is designed to familiarise readers with mid-length to full-length novels. The novels have their own respective themes and unique storylines, with the addition of colourful illustrations, enabling readers to develop a sustained interest in reading.

Product Code: 9789670370453 Date Published: 01 April 2012 Publisher: 红蜻蜓出版有限公司 Series: 红蜻蜓绘图小说.05 Age: 10 & above

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作文成绩公布,平时表现不特出的静宁竟然得了第一! 聪铭不甘心,认为静宁有“秘密武器”才会打败他。他和“死党”慧洁、大维决定查个水落石出。 三人开始密切留意静宁的动静,以便找出静宁的“秘密武器”。就在三人毫无收获,快要放弃的时候,聪铭偶然看见静宁一个人在课室里对着一个小铁盒说话…… 小铁盒里究竟装着什么?难道小铁盒就是静宁的“秘密武器”?!